Your Cosmic Power

Your Mind is Amazing! Take Back Your Cosmic Birth Right!

    This world is an ancient playground that has seen and heard many forms of life. Today, we are allowed to have freedom of thought yet, our thoughts are highly controlled. Everything from our education, religion, traditional culture, to the media purposefully and artistically influence people's motivations and actions. I want to help people to throw off the shackles that have handicapped them for centuries, if not a millenium! 
    People think that you need to be born wealthy inorder to have abundance. This is a fallacy. People also think that the University system is a sure fire way to make more money. This is a fallcy as well (it's more of a sure fire way to get into debt). Some may even zealously follow a political regime or religious ritual created to disempower them. This has been the pitfall of the masses for most of our existence that we know. What do they all have in common? They all require you to give your power away to some other person, corporation, or institution
     TAKE BACK YOUR POWER; IT'S YOUR BIRTH RIGHT! One of the greatest truths ever known is that the human mind is the thing that sets the hugest limitation. Often times, these limitations start out as external voices that become the internal Debbie Downers that we carry with us all of our lives. Well, it's time to throw off those shackles, wouldn't you agree? I want to show you some simple ways that you can use the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance right now. 
    My method is simple and to the point. you won't have to read through hundreds of pages to "Get it". Often times, the more we read, the more stuck we get because we are either:
Too Afraid to Try
Even More Confused
Desire to Wait Until We Find the Best Method (which could take forever by the way)

I have some techniques that I have utilized from my own personal research and experimentation. I found these methods to help me manifest at LIGHTENING SPEED! Although I cannot garuntee that they will work for everyone, I know that if my methods can help me, then they will help many! Why? Because I have used the methods enough, and researched them enough to understand that "methods" are just tools to inspire the soul to manifest. But, how do you get what is in ritual into the core of your spirit? Stay tuned...

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So, most people already know hat the Law of Attraction is and they already know how to clip pictures and paste them into a "vision board". Yet, people use this tool for months and see no result. I had a friend who spent six months on a vision board that just didn't work. During that same time, I made my own version of a vision board. I achieved so many goals: I lost 20 lbs, got more romantic options, business opportunities started opening up to me. I attracted more resources into my life that I had not even realized that I needed. Let me help you attract your needs and desires, too.
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