Your Cosmic Power

The Law of Attraction in a Nutshell

The Law of Attraction comes from the law of vibration.  The law of vibration states that everything is energy and in motion. The Law of Attraction states that energy ALWAYS attracts surrounding energy like itself. Notice I said always! So if you are a person who is full of fear, doubt, paranoia, and anything else negative then you will attract people, places, situations, things, and events that will keep you in that frame of mind. Often times people are happy when times are good and are scared, depressed, and angry when things are bad.  The only thing though is that people generally forget and take for granted the good things. Yet, we focus of the bad things even when things are okay.

This is why it is sooooo VERY important for you to take control of your own train of thoughts! This, to an extent will help you to control your emotions. For example, lets say that you were just dumped by a significant other. This can be an extremely painful situation; however, you can look at it from two angles.

1.  Assuming that you have a healthy life overall, you will still drag out the pain for months longer than you have to. You're emotions will not allow you to pick yourself up. Instead, you wallow, wallow, and wallow. This leads to more sorrow, confusion, and scorn. On top of that, you're inability to move on will attract more people into your life who will make you feel even more like this.Happy, positive people will eventually fade out of your life because you cannot reach their vibration! Yours is low and extremely draining to be around. Misery loves company but, a mind set on happiness repels misery by law. (Inorder to not fall into the trap of other people's misery, think optimisitically and do not allow yourself to be emotionally moved by Debbie Doubters, or Franks the Fault Finders)
2. Mourn your loss but, do it knowing that it is a natural process on the road to recovery. Always STRIVE TO BE HAPPY. You owe that much to yourself. If you walk around jaded and miserable for your whole life, who do you think you are really hurting? You start reevaluating life and realize what you learned as a person and what the relationship taught you. You grow to be better and stronger. And, you know that with this new knowledge, you have even more power to attract what it is that you want.

Ofcourse, this sounds so easy when its actually very hard to see during the breakup. But, just remember ANYTIME you get stuck in a rut, always remember that you are only going to hurt yourself and that you owe it to yourself to be happy.

That is just one of infinite examples of the Law. For a great and simple way to start attracting your desires please buy the ebook, Vision Boards that Work: Train Your Mind to Manifest. This is located on home page.