Your Cosmic Power

The Universe has Jokes: Why You Need to be Careful about Your Attitude and Thoughts

    Alot of times people have sarcastic humor. They make negative jokes about situations or events only to see them come to pass. Other times we ask for something and we get exactly what we literally asked for only to wonder what went wrong. The universe's joke is that it always finds a way to give you what you asked for, talked about, or expected. This ESPECIALLY includes what you say out loud!
For example a student who sacastically remarks over and over again with a chuckle that they are "Back in Jail" because the semester has started again may find themselves in a situation where they are in jail.

Another great example from my own life would be that I had a crush on a guy named Tim. Tim worked with me but, was married with children. I would never want to ruin such a beautiful, loving commitment nor would I desire to override free will. So I said to myself over and over again, " I want a guy like Tim. Tim is so great." I think I stressed the physical aspect. But, around the same time I had composed a list of what I wanted in a man. Some of the top things were the same type that Tim was but I put Bold, ambitious, and passionate among other qualities. 
    Wouldn't you know I ended up getting pursued by a Tim, who was of the same physical type and was bold,successful, ambitious, and passionate. It was through a ridiculously easy encounter that required an oblivious effort on my part. Unfortunately, I left compassionate, and caring off of the list. This Tim happened to be extremely overachieving, competitive, and judgemental. Not exactly what I had in mind but, I must give the universe its credit. It was on the exact vibration that I had been wishing for! I then knew to add Emotionally and Spiritually BALANCEED on the list.
     Generally, people who do not deliberately attract things are not as strong at attracting results quickly. I had been practicing deliberate attracting for a few years so within three weeks of getting serious about finding a carbon copy of Tim 1, Tim 2 was on me like white on rice. The better at attracting you get, the faster and easier things come.
    So the next time you make a statement like "Well, I'll be darned..." "Wouldn't you know..." "You'd never believe..." or "Speak of the devil..." or "This is nothing like I thought it would be." Re-evaluate what you previously wanted. You just might find, your soul had been calling for that exact thing!

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