Your Cosmic Power

You Attract What Is Closest To You!

       Often times, people get into LOA thinking that they are going to just attract everything out of the blue and it will literally fall into their lap. Well, it can happen like that but, not always. Sometimes the Universe is actually feeding you crumbs on a trail to what it is that you really want. For example, let's say you live in New York but, want to vacation in Jamaica. You could:
A. Manifest a round trip as a gift.
B. Manifest enough money to buy the trip yourself
C. Get a unique opportunity to go there for free in exchange for something (work, service, etc.)
D. There are an infinite number of ways the universe can make this happen so dont limit YOURSELF.

Often times the universe will try to crank out a path for you to get what you want. We will shoot it down because either you don't want it to happen like that, don't pay attention to what is happening, or don't believe it is happening. The Universe will keep trying as long as you are desiring and allowing.
Most often I find, the universe will take the trail of crumbs road before most. For example, if you want a mentor, it will most likely send you the physically nearest candidate that is ready for the job. It won't go over to the next country unless it has to to meet your qualifications, or theirs. This doesn't mean that you won't attract a big, high profile person half way across the world. What it means is that you will probably notice people opening up to teach you who are already near you first. This is even if they are just visiting or stopping by. It means that anyone who fits your discription, and is on the same vibration of desire, that crosses paths with you could be attracted to you in the manner that you need.
 This goes for things, places, and situations aswell which is why it is so important that you be POSITIVE and SPECIFIC. Alot of people will attach phrases to their desires like "...for the good of all" or " that is rightfully mine". This is because like attracts like regardless or positive or negative connotations. 
Always be in good spirit and NEVER EVER wish to take something away from another. If someone is already living in your dream house then it is not yours unless they decide to sell it. What you do is ask for a house like theirs, and then attach a phrase. This is mainly to keep your energy and soul in the right vibration. The Universe doesn't make mistakes; we do.
Even more importantly than menial phrases, you need to spend some time every day living your dream, even though you haven't achieved it yet. In my guide on the home page, Vision Boards That Work. I will show you how I created my version of the vision board that helped me to start attracting at lightening speed.